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TecEco Newsletter 92

May 2011 be a Good Year for our Supporters
TecEco Update
A Critical Review of the paper "Ultra-green construction: reactive MgO masonry products" (Liska, M. and A. Al-Tabbaa (2009)
Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide within Mg-Carbonates
IEA Acknowledges Peak Oil

14 Jan 11 21 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 91

Newcastle Project - Block Manufacture and Trial
Hill End Eco-House
Lord Stern at the Canberra Press Club 1 September, 2010
Tackling Global Climate Change - Meeting Local Priorities, a World Green Building Council Special Report September 2010
AS 3972 - The Addition of Ground Limestone to Cements

22 Sep 10 11 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 90

What is takes for Commercialisation of a Magnesium Cement With Comments on the Latest Developments
A Classification of Magnesium Cements
Learning from Nature

22 Jun 10 23 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 89

Game Theory, Common Sense and Global Warming
Modernising Roman Methods of Placing No or Low Slump Concrete

3 Dec 09 22 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 88

An Apology from Imperial College
The Wisdom of Indira Gandhi
Changing Permissions and Rewards Systems to Get Ready for Carbon Trading and Meet the Sustainability Challenge
Storing Energy, Changing Processes or Both?

16 Aug 09 7 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 87

Replacing Kyoto - Making the Right Decisions
TecEco's Comments on the Shelved Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS)
A Quote to Remember
A Wartime Mobilisation?
Global Warming is a Global Catastrophe

6 Jun 09 26.08 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 86

Am I or the Others Crazy?
The Implications of Gaia Engineering for the Cement and Concrete Industry

18 April 09 8.19 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 85

The Role of Soils in Sequestration
Fire Resistant Buildings using TecEco Binders
The TecEco Tec-Kiln

9 March 09 1.34 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 84

Novacem's Claim that they Discovered Carbonating Magnesium Binders as a Solution to Global Warming
Solutions To the Carbon Problem - Wacky or Otherwise

18 Jan 09 5 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 83

Merry Christmas
Tilting at Windmills
Sequestration in the Built Environment

16 Dec 08 5 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 82

The Economy
Changing Permissions and Rewards Systems to Get Ready for Carbon Trading and Meet the Sustainability Challenge
Greening The Built Environment (with geopolymers)

18 Oct 08 6 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 81

Cement from CO2: A Concrete Cure for Global Warming?
Skeptics Claim a Recent Slowdown in Global Warming Destroys the Greenhouse Gas Theory -
Have they understood the Enthalpy of Fusion of Water?
The Use of MgO by the Chinese

30 Aug 08 12 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 80

The Australian Government Green Paper on Emissions Trading
Shameless Political Capitulation
Recent Media on Global Warming
The Argument for Man Made Carbonate

20 Jul 08 28 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 79

It's Time to Consider Anthropogenic Sequestration in the Built Environment
The Demands of Climate Change and How Business can Respond

16 Jun 08 28 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 78

The TecEco Technology Must be Good if Others are Trying to Take Credit for It: Comments on the Announcement by Dr Cheeseman of Imperial College
A Wiki Approach to Knowledge Transfer?
Budget Time Comments
Web Site Usage Growing Fast

14 May 08 28 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 77

The Replacement for Kyoto Must be More than a Promissory System
Comments on Published Research Papers
The Garnaut Report
Climate Code Red: The case for a sustainability emergency

30 Apr 08 5 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 76

Apology for not Responding to Emails
Global Paralysis on Global Warming
The Pyrolysis of Concentrated Brine or Bitterns
The Importance of Particle Packing for Strength (Tec-Cements) or Carbonation (Eco-Cements)

18 Mar 08 9 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 75

Basic Fossil Fuel Facts
New Book - Plan B 3.0
World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the International Chamber of Commerce Communique from Bali

24 Feb 08 18 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 74

New Model of Gaia Engineering Proves it Can Work
Why Geopolymers are Only Just Being Commercialised
Malthus, the Club of Rome and Recent Predictions
Ocean Fertilisation

19 Jan 08 22 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 73

Real Rather Than Virtual Drivers to Reduce Global Warming
Federal Government Leadership Required to Introduce Carbon Trading into Building and Construction in Australia
WA Gecko made with TecEco Cements
New Book: Waste to Resource: An Abstract of the 2006 World Waste Survey
Oceans Would Suck Up CO2 in New Plan - Is this Valid Science?

11 Dec 07 22 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 72

John Harrison's work Recognised by the Australian Concrete Industry
New Agent in NSW
The Cement Industry and Global Warming
With a Difference of Opinion what Happened to Common Sense?
John Harrison's Pearl for the Day
Magnesia - The Solution for Everything!

11 Nov 07 31 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 71

Permecocrete Wins the Prize for the Best Innovation at Infrastructure 07
The Way Forward - Carbon Sequestration and Waste Utilisation in the Built Environment - A Synopsis
Do Codes of Practice react too Slowly?
Dams, Water Sequestration and the Salinity Problem

6 Oct 07 20 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 70

John to Speak at Infrastructure Australia 2007 - 6-8 Sept 07 about Permecocrete
Rheological and Dimensional Affects of Adding Reactive Magnesia to Concretes

6 Sept 07 20 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 69

Environmental, Technical and Commercial Reasons to Adopt TecEco Cement Technology
AASMIC Require a Secretary
So Called Clean Coal Technologies and Other Energy Alternatives
Global Warming and Underground CO2 Sequestration - Is it Safe?
Global Fossil CO2 emissions for 2006
An Equation to Describe Age

29 July 07 66 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 68

Tim Ensor's Water Collector Trough
Atmospheric CO2 to Reach first Danger Level by 2028
The Importance of Particle Packing
NASA Research finds that Earth's Climate is Approaching "Dangerous Point"
World's cities call for action on global warming
Feel Like Biting the Bullet? Then Don't Miss Two Documentaries

17 June 07 34 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 67

John Harrison to Speak at GREX 07
Nano Composites of Magnesium
Special interests are the one big obstacle Jim Hansen: Viewpoint
The Environmental Revolution
Putting Carbon back into our Soils to Help Reverse Global Warming?

23 May 07 7 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 66

TecEco Looking for Students Internees
Art Gecko
The Global Sustainability Alliance (TecEco and Greensols) can win the US$ 25m climate bid launched on Friday 9th February in the UK
Do Water Problems Exist in Our Minds?
TecEco's Submission to the Australian Prime Ministerial Task Group on Emissions Trading
America changing - When will the Tail Wagg?
The Environmental Revolution

23 Mar 07 70 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 65

73308 Hits on the Web Site!
AASMIC - Materials Australia Conference Reminder
Submission by TecEco To the Emissions Trading Task Force
Earth Systems Science
U.S. Energy Experts Announce Way to Freeze Global Warming

4 Feb 07 16 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 64

Updated Web Site
Earth System Science and TecEcology for Planetary Engineers
Sustainable Materials in the Built Environment 2007 - A Conference not to Miss
Algae That Produce Energy Rich Biomass
Industrial Recycling of CO2 From Cement Kilns Into High Energy Algal Biomass Coal Equivalent Fuel
Stern Review: The Economics of Climate Change

11 Jan 07 54 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 63

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from John Harrison
Web Site Updates
Tilt Ups Test TecEco Tec-Cement Concretes
Nuclear Power Could Turn Switch on Kyoto
The Death of Common Sense
Did Common Sense Die with the idea of Geosequestration?

21 Dec 06 17 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 62

New Email Address for John Harrison
The Case for Not Banning MgO in Standards for Fly Ash or Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
The Threat Is from Those Who Accept Climate Change, Not Those Who Deny It
Am I a Brave Man?
More on Pervious Pavement

12 Nov 06 28 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 61

TecEco Achievements
A Genuine Voice in the Geosequestration Debate
A Broad Based System of Eco-Debits and Credits
An Inconvenient Truth

5 Oct 06 42 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 60

Crab Consulting
Save our Wikipedia Entry
An Inconvenient Truth - Great New Movie
Progress Report
Figure 3 in the BRE (British Research Establishment) report "Environmentally friendly MgO - based cements to support sustainable construction"
Geomimicry - Geological History Repeating Itself in Concrete?

23 Aug 06 24 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 59

New Book - Advanced Civil Infrastructure Materials - Science, Mechanics and Applications
The Problem of the Commons - Towards a Sustainability Charter

25 Jun 06 36 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 58

John Harrison in Malaysia
Non Shrink Pond Render and Bottom Topping Coat!
New Theories on Rheology, Bleeding and Shrinkage in TecEco Cement Concretes
New Version of TecEco LCA
The Plague Upon Eden

30 May 06 51 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 57

TecEco Looking for Scientific Support
References from Creditable Scientists are Required
Position Vacant: TecEco Looking for an Engineer or Scientist
TecEco Technology and Rosendale Cements - Solving Chinese and Indian Limestone Resource Issues
New Embodied Energy and Emissions Tool By TecEco and Granular Flow Research on Web Site Under Tools
The Choice for a Sustainable World
While Washington Slept

23 April 06 76 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 56

Web Site Traffic Going Ballistic
Understanding Moleconomics
How the MgCO2 cycle in Gaia Engineering (formerly CarbonSafe) Mimics Photosynthesis
The Survival of Humans on Earth
Time Magazine Think Global Warming is Very Real

2 April 06 35 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 55

Global Warming Demands Urgent Solutions
The Gaia Engineering (formerly CarbonSafe) Project
Transferring Heat from the Exothermic Part to the Endothermic Part of the MgCO2 Cycle

26 Feb 06 24 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 54

The Gaia Engineering 'Geo-Photosynthetic' Process Model
Anyone in Dubai from 4-9 February 2006?
Non-Shrink no Crack Concrete
The Sustainable Living Festival
Melbourne 17th - 19th February, 2006
The Coming Meltdown
Book Reviews: Essay on new books about Global Warming by Bill McKibben

4 Feb 06 34 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 53

Asia - Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate
Announcing a Total Solution to the CO2 Problem and Global Warming
The Little Green Handbook, by Ron Nielsen
An Interview with Ron Nielsen
A Letter from Dr Vin Lyne

12 Jan 06 20 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 52

Happy Christmas
It Beats Us Too
TecEco Guinea Pigs Get Tax Deductions
Cementing Sustainability

22 Dec 05 24.5 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 51

John Harrison in the Final 5 for the ABC Peoples Choice Invention of the Year 2005
Eco-Cement Earth Products, Mortars and Renders
Scott Phillips - Our First Employee
The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change

24 Nov 05 10.6 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 50

Rosendale Natural Cements - Vindication
Mortar Miracle
TecEco Looking for Staff
Post Doctoral Position Possibly Available
Global Warming
Popular Science or Wacky Science

30 Sep 05 17.5 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 49

Singapore and Kyoto
Is there Anything Special about a Name?
TecEco Looking for Staff.

10 Jul 05 12.8 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 48

John Harrison Traveling in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Singapore during the next few weeks.
Getting Over the Complacency of Government.
Eco-Cement Mud Brick Cement Released.

31 May 05 12.4 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 47

John Harrison and TecEco Make the Australian Sunday Age
Solving Global Problems Under Kyoto Using TecEco
Anybody Know the Value of n in Mg(OH)2.nH2O

22 May 05 13.34 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 46

First Commercial Tec-Cement Concrete Slab a Success
Pozzolan required for the Pozzolanic Reaction
Water Consumption by Magnesia

19 Apr 05 11 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 45

The Objective is to get the CO2 out of the Air
The Role of Concrete for Sustainable Development
Victorian Sustainability Conference

15 Mar 05 19 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 44

People's Choice Win Great News
Global Warming can be Solved Using TecEco Technology
Cleaner more Environmentally Friendly Nichromet Process will Reduce the Price of MgO

27 Feb 05 18 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 43

John Harrison Wins Episode of ABC Inventors
Open Letter and Challenge to Lord Ron Oxburgh, Chairman, Shell
Tonnes CO2 per Tonne? How about Tonnes CO2 per Cubic Meter
Tec-Cement Concrete Blocks
The Riddle of Ancient Roman Concrete

25 Jan 05 19 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 42

John Harrison to Appear on the ABC New Inventors Show, 9th February 2005, 8.00 pm.
The New Inventors People's Choice
World's First Eco-Cement Pervious Pavement
Sustainable Materials

25 Jan 05 16 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 41

TecEco Wish all our Supporters and Friends a Merry Christmas
Tec-Cement Pty. Ltd. - A New Subsidiary
Understanding TecEco Tec-Cement Technologies
TecEco Cements for Cellulose Fibre Products?
AASMIC Inaugural Conference 2004 a Great Success

15 Dec 04 17 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 40

Open Day Earthship Brighton 29th October
The Use of Eco-Cements for Building Earthship Brighton
Wanted. Sociology/Economics Student Interested in Post Graduate Research Work
AASMIC Inaugural Conference 2004

24 Oct 04 14 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 39

Russia Signs Kyoto, When Will Australia?
Why we must curb our energy-profligate lifestyles
Mayer Hillman, Senior Fellow Emeritus, Policy Studies Institute
Comment by John Harrison

04 Sep 04 15 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 38

Updated Web Site
John Harrison Speaking in UK and China
Why are TecEco a Company?
TECECO CEMENTS - Abatement, Sequestration and Waste Utilization
AASMIC Inaugural Conference 2004
TecEco Corporate Report

31 Aug 04 17 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 37

The Sustainable Development Mechanism and TecEco
The Cement and Concrete Industry - Future Developments?

18 Aug 04 15 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 36

The Late H. F.W. Taylor on Sustainability.
What the UK Chief Scientist Recently Had to Say.
John Harrison's Report on the 7th Australasian Masonry Conference
Keep the Research on Track
AASMIC Conference 18th and 19th November 2004

19 Jul 04 22 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 35

TecEco Web Site Update.
Launch of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainable Materials in Construction (AASMIC) Web Site
PhD Studentship Available - Imperial College London
Call for Research to Verify our Findings
More on Pervious Pavements

19 Jun 04 13 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 34 Another Research Program Underway in the UK.
TecEco Technology Pivotal for the Rheology Required for Cementitious Composites Required by our Robotic Workforce of the Future?
Way to go may be Tec-Cements for Blocks
New Important Paper for Download
15 May 04 19 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 33 Invitation to attend a talk by John Harrison 7th May 2004 at the University of Tasmania
TecEco Technology Turning out Great for Mud Bricks and Adobe
Comparing Ground Blast Furnace Slag-Portland Cement Concretes with TecEco Tec-Cement Concretes
TecEco have the Rheology Necessary for Robot Construction
The Travels of John Harrison
27 Apr 04 26 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 32

Meeting to Plan a One Day Seminar on Materials in the Built Environment
Mark Twain Seriously Got it Wrong
New Report Defines the Problems - TecEco Defines the Solutions
Rob Cameron Returns
Governments Must Get Involved to Induce Change Toward Sustainability More Quickly
Sustainable Building Technologies Must be Economically Viable to Succeed
Funding Assistance Required to Support New Research Projects
John Harrison To Travel to USA, Canada, the UK and Taiwan

07 Mar 04 17 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 31 Control your own Newsletter Subscription
New Technical Documents on Web Site
The Words of Ralph Bicknese - An Environmentally Minded Architect
The ISOS Conference Communiqué Recommends Development of TecEco Eco-Cement
Will Action Plan to Reconcile Green and Industrial Concerns Help TecEco?
India an Early Target for the TecEco Technology
TecEco Work Program
07 Dec 04 22 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 30

Manual Unsubscribe
Thanks for all the Hospitality During my Travels
Rob Cameron Returns
What's Happening at TecEco
TecEco Cement More Forgiving
Preference for TecEco Cement!
Understanding TecEco Cement Technology
Materials - The Key to Sustainability
Help Required for Submission
Global Warming is Really Happening

02 Dec 04 17 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 29 John Harrison to Travel to Asia, Europe and India to speak at conferences, meet friends and explain and promote TecEco technology.
21st Biennial Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia
Web Site Updates
Editorial Policy
Newsletter 28 updated
Pervious Pavements - An Opportunity for Sustainability
Cement Sustainability Initiative - Missing the Main Factor?
Extreme weather events might increase with global warming.
Technical Paper - Methods of Foaming Concretes
17 Aug 03 18 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 28 A Note from John Harrison
Carbon Trading a Reality in Europe and Other News
EU parliament launches climate emissions trading
World Coal Forms CO2 Sequestration Group
Indian Interest
Emissions Reduction and other Advantages of TecEco Cements
12 Jul 03 21 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 27 A Word from John Harrison
New Approaches to Sustainability
$168.5 million for Built Environment in 2004
More Publicity in the UK Leads to Embarrassing Enquiries for TecEco Cement
TecEco Make it to Question Time in the British Parliament
A Summary of Publicity So Far
New Staff Member - Robert Cameron
Visit by Greg Longman
31 May 03 21 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 26

New Business Plan on the Web Site
Welcome New TecEco Team Members
TecEco Cements Reducing Wastes
TecEco Packaging – An Example of Engineered After Use
Now The Bushfires are Over
Kiln Progress
Australia's National Research Priorities
Heat Capacity
Thought For The Day

14 Apr 03 22 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 25 Wanted – Electromagnetic Genius
TecEco Pour the World’s Most Sustainable Slabs
A Short History of Current Construction Technologies and the Role of TecEco Cement Technology
Tree Farms Won't Halt Climate Change
Has Global Warming Aggravated Australia’s Drought?
JJ's Column
11 Jan 03 34 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 24 John Harrison's Idea for a Better World
Annual Report For The Year Ended 30 Jun 2002
Logo Ideas Anybody?
Why TecEco Cements Are So Sustainable
JJ's Column
23 Dec 02 21 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 23 TecEco News
The Extent of Carbonation of Concretes
Toxic Fumes From Cement Manufacture
Phase Change Materials for Eco-Cement Products?
24 Nov 02 28 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 22 Note to the Media
Johannesburg - Changing the Paradigm
Tasmania's Environmental Home Expo
Patents Secure
Welcome to New Shareholders
JJ's Column
Lots of Publicity Means Lots of Emails
08 Aug 02 100 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 21 A Year of Advances
Welcome to new Shareholders
Understanding Carbon and Oxygen Cycles (a correction)
How TecEco Technology Interacts with Portland Cement and Geopolymers
Industrial Waste Issues
Quotes of the Day
The Role of Nature in Sequestration Given Geological Time Scales
JJ's Column
01 Jun 02 252 Kb
TecEco Newsletter 20

Understanding Carbon and Oxygen Cycles
Oxygen Depletion?
TecEco Can Make it To Johannesburg!
Sustainable Development is Serious Stuff for Industries
Some Interesting Quotes From the WBCSD
The Superiority of TecEco Second Generation Magnesium Cement Technology Compared to Sorel Cement Technology
First Commercial Blocks
Lower Share Price Brings New Strategic Shareholders
Ken's Column
JJ's Column

01 Jun 02 252 Kb

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TecEco Newsletter 19

Patent's looking good - all 17 claims novel and inventive!
Beating the Carbon Habit
The Enviro 2002 Conference
John Meets Paul Hawkin
23 Apr 02 418 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 18

TecEco Win the Prize for the Best Innovation of Invention
John Harrison Meets Edward De Bono
Publicity about the Project Increasing
23 Mar 02 201 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 17

Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu Appointed as Financial Advisors to
Strong Interest in Using TecEco Bricks Blocks and Pavers from
James Morrison and Yvette Breytenbach Architects
Research Going Well
John Harrison Attending the Commercialisation Ready Program
12 Jan 02 85 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 16

Editors Note - A Time to Thank People
More on Reversing Global Warming
Correction to Previous Newsletter (Thanks Bob!)
Numerous test blocks have already been made and have exceeded all expectations.
JJ’s Section (age 12)
Publicity Campaign
What it is to be an Inventor
21 Dec 01 101 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 15

Reversing Global Warming
A Built Environment Based on Carbon to Stop Global Warming
JJ's Section (age 12)
Publicity Campaign
Meeting with the Tasmanian Conservation Trust
Attendance at the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering
Invitation to Join CO2 CRC
Selling into China
18 Nov 01 495 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 14

Favourable Appraisals Now Received
Eco-Cements for the Built Environment of the Future
Help Required
Web Page
Focusing Owners of Magnesite Deposits
01Sep 01 145 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 13

New Breakthrough
Web Page
Focusing Academics
Attendance at 6 th Australasian Masonry Conference
30 Jul 01 84 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 12

Blocks in the Making
New Logo for Eco-Cements
Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Feedback on the Patent
08 May 01 358 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 11

New Letterhead
Web Presence
Visit to Brisbane Australia
Block Making Tests in Tasmania Underway
Shares Magazine March 2001 Issue
Float by 2002
Austrian Interest
Sustainable Technology Forum
Feedback on the Patent
A Long Chat with Prof Fred Glasser
02 Mar 01 50 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 10

Final Patent Lodged at Last
What we are Claiming a Patent For
Welcome to New Team Members
Media Watch
09 Jan 01 52 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 9

Listing with the ASX EM market
Media Watch
From the Lab
When will pragmatism STOP and be replaced by common sense? (Or is it about time dry economics dried up.)
Where are we going?
29 Sep 00 55 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 8

AGO Funding Application
The AGO Proposal
Corporate Documentation
01 Jun 00 88 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 7

Tasmanian Innovation Scheme Grant
Applied For
Our Major Accomplishment in the Last Few
We Intend to Apply for More R and D Funding
Completion of Corporate Documentation
Need to Increase Shareholder Base.
15 May 00 48 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 6

New Book Supporting the TecEco Business Case.
Our Response to the AGO Draft Guidelines
– The Case for Supporting Research
Our Major Accomplishments in the Last Few Weeks.
A Message from our MD

19 Apr 00 56 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 5

Change of Email Address
A new Accelerator – Our Major
Accomplishment in the Last Few Weeks
Summary News of the Last Six Weeks
New Directions
Where to Next
Funding a Major Priority
The list of Priorities For The Next Few
A message from our Managing Director
01 Jan 00 53 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 4

Accomplishments in the Last Few Weeks
What We Have Been Doing
Priorities For The Next Few Weeks
What We Have Been Doing
18 Nov 99 56 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 3

Help With Magazine Article?
New Hope for Achievement of
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target
Correction to Figure for Fly Ash Production
28 Oct 99 50 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 2

From the editor, John Harrison.
New possible strategic alliances
The new company to be formed
18 Oct 99 42 Kb

TecEco Newsletter 1

A message to readers from John Harrison.
About the new logo
A new company to be formed
From the laboratory
Funding priorities
A Special thanks
15 Oct 99 38 Kb

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