Independent Technical and Business Appraisals and Reports

Independent appraisals and reports are available for download on this page. If the files are protected you will need to contact TecEco for a password.

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Document: Author: Organisation: Notes: Date: Size: Protected:
Technical Appraisal by Prof. F P Glasser Prof. F P Glasser. Department of Chemistry, University of Aberdeen, Scotland. An appraisal by a world recognized scientist. 17 Mar 02 33 Kb No
Technical Appraisal by Dr Leon Burgess-Dean Dr. Leon Burgess Dean. Lecturer and Tutor, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia. An appraisal by a young Australian scientist. 17 Mar 02 15 Kb No
Appraisal by CSIRO dbce Dr. Kwesi Sago Krentsil. CSIRO dbce Melbourne. An appraisal by a world recognized organization. 17 Mar 02 105 Kb No

Independent Business Appraisal P Godfrey

Temporarily withdrawn

Peter Godfrey.

GCG Consulting, Launceston, Tasmania.

An independent appraisal by P Godfrey commissioned by DSD (Tas) 17 Mar 02 100 Kb No

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